What You Should Know After The Beat Purchase


After every purchase you will get a PDF of the full license and the link to download the beat files. If you wish to register your song with your Performing Rights Organization (“PRO”), you must simultaneously identify and register the producer’s share and ownership interest in the composition (publisher’s and writers share).

With leases (non-exclusive) the split is as follows:

  • You own 50% of the writers share and 0% of the publisher’s share.

  • The producer owns 50% of the writers share and 100% of the publisher’s share.

With Exclusive license the default split is 50/50.

As of now, please contact us for further details about IPI info etc. 

How do I upgrade/renew my license?

For example, if you sell more copies or your streams are greater than your current license allows, you must upgrade or renew your license.  Upgrading the license may also make sense if in the end you wish to have more freedom with your song (for example, if you decide that you really need the track out files, you could upgrade from Premium to Unlimited).

As of now, please contact us If you wish to upgrade or renew your license.

Notice that upgrading/renewing the license is only possible if no one hasn’t bought the beat exclusively. In this scenario your current lease (non-exclusive) license will remain valid. 

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