Non-exclusive vs Exclusive License


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We provide 4 different licenses: Basic, Premium, Unlimited and Exclusive. Basic, Premium and Unlimited are non-exclusive lease licenses as the Exclusive license is, well, exclusive.

All licenses have their different usage terms, but what is the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive licenses?

Non-exclusive license

With non-exclusive license (a.k.a beat lease) you get a right to record lyrics on the beat and distribute the final product based on the license terms (for example, with Premium license you can sell up to 10,000 copies/downloads).

After purchasing the license, we (the producer) still own the rights to the beat and we can continue to sell the beat to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased. The beat is still yours to use even after someone purchases exclusive rights.

You get 50% of writers share and 0% of publishing rights with non-exclusive license.

Exclusive license

With Exclusive license you can exploit the beat to the fullest. There are almost no limitations what you can do with the beat. You own the beat as a “work made for hire”.

Upon purchasing the beat with exclusive license, the beat will be no longer available on our beat store to buy.

The price depends on many factors (how well the beat is selling non-exclusively etc.) so the price is determined by make-an-offer basis. Publishing rights % is negotiable as well, but the default split is 50/50.

So, which one I should get?

If you are serious about your music and you know that you can make something big with a certain beat, you should go for an exclusive license. This license gives you most freedom and you do not have to worry if the beat is still available to buy exclusively later if the song made with the beat catches on.

Non-exclusive right is a great way to get started if you are an artist who wants to get your name out there with your first album etc., and/or do not have much money to spend. You do not want to spend a lot of money for a beat that you are not sure if the song made with the beat is going to be a success.

Bottom line: if you are just starting to get your name out there go with non-exclusive license. Once your fan base grows and people start sharing and buying your music you should consider purchasing beats exclusively.

Do you have more questions about the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive licenses? Let us know on the comment section below or shoot us an email to You can also contact us via social media (links in the footer).